Saving Money on your Mortgage

Saving Money on your Mortgage
March 3, 2020 admin
Save Money on Mortgage Loans

Buying a home is one of the largest financial decisions one can make in their life. While it’s important to speak with a lender on how the process will go, it’s also important to speak to them to make sure you’re not going to be overpaying on your mortgage. In today’s blog entry, we’ll be giving you some essential tips on how you can save money on your mortgage.

Down Payment Funds 

Like a lot of large purchases, having some proper savings or another form of funding is required. When it comes to mortgages, this is no exception. Consider exactly where you’ll be getting your down payment funds from, as many times, borrowers will want to put at least 20% down on a home loan. In most cases though, it makes sense to leave some of that money invested, and with that, you’re able to let your money grow (given that your monthly payments make sense for your budget and the rate of return is higher than your mortgage interest rate). Money saved from that investment will be able to grow faster and give you the option to pay off your mortgage balance quickly in the future. Just make sure to speak to your financial advisor about this scenario.


Many borrowers these days are afraid to refinance into lower interest rates. What some people don’t realize is that refinancing doesn’t mean you’re resetting your loan term, and many lenders are willing to customize terms. Having a higher interest rate is a disadvantage, as you’ll be overpaying for your mortgage. Lenders are not able to refinance your loan if there are no net tangible benefits so to speak. Something must be done for the refinance to be completed, so think it through.

These two tips are just some of many we at Mortgages Done Right can provide to those homeowners out there. With years of experience in the mortgage field, our experienced brokers can not only provide helpful online tips like this but also help you finance your home with ease. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your future purchase. Until next time, have a pleasant day.

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